Cecrle Farms

As third generation farmers Mike and Brittney Cecrle are continuing their Czechoslovakian heritage, farming the original homestead northeast of Hobson as well as another family farm south of Moore. Although over the years these soils have raised hogs and oats, today they grow winter and spring varieties of wheat, malting barley, grasses to support a small herd of Black Angus cattle and most importantly the 4th generation of Cecrle farmers.

Bridging the gap between farm and consumer is no easy feat. And this distance only seems to grow when we see so much of our food in boxed and processed forms. It’s understandable why consumers struggle to make the connection between their plate and where the ingredients originated.
The Cecrle’s believe that this gap is narrowed with education and that it should start in the classroom. If we can teach children at an early age about what agriculture looks like and where their food comes from, then we have the opportunity to create informed consumers later on. Especially in this age of advanced technology, we can bring the farm to the classroom and teach agriculture and nutrition in new and exciting ways.

The advancements in agriculture and the opportunity to use social media to tell their story are two things that have the Cecrle family excited about their future as farmers. These innovations include new varieties of seed that can resist disease, pests and drought all while producing more bushels, new technology that allows for precision seeding, application and harvest to eliminate waste, and real time data collection helping to determine areas that can use improvements in efficiency.

They also know that social media has the potential to be both friend and foe to the agriculture industry. The opportunity to share with consumers is obvious but that information can also be misconstrued. As with any topic, often fear mongering usually takes the stage and the misinformation spreads like wildfire.