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Montana’s Longest Table began as a vision to connect “town and country” in central Montana. This vision was first realized through a community event in June of 2017, where local residents, both rural and urban, sat down to enjoy dinner together at a table set for 200. Local restaurants showcased samplings of their menu, local farmers and ranchers showcased what they grow and raise, and community members engaged their neighbors in conversation.

After another successful event in 2018, we expanded the vision of Montana’s Longest Table beyond the streets of Lewistown, to a virtual space where farmers and ranchers across Big Sky Country can share their stories, and consumers can stay connected to their food. The annual Montana’s Longest Table event remains a cornerstone of our vision and history, but we hope that by connecting town and country through this website, we can facilitate engagement and conversations here as well. Join us – there’s plenty of room at the table!