Lazy J Diamond Ranch

This third generation ranch, located just 3 miles North of Hilger at the base of the North Moccasin mountains, was first established 70 years ago. The Green Ranch, now known as the Lazy J Diamond Ranch, has grown and evolved over the years into the innovative venture it is today. To neighbors and family members, it was sometimes called the “experiment station” as there was always something new being tested. Today Megan and Ryan along with their 2-year-old son Zade and Ryan’s parents Jim and Alice, continue to push themselves to keep up with technology advancements and improve their business.

Currently, the Lazy J Diamond Ranch is home to about 300 cow/calf pairs and supports 700 acres of hay and 1000 acres of farm land, growing mostly wheat and barley. Working to diversify, over the last few years they have included different crops into the farming rotation to help improve soil health. They have experimented with peas, canola, and cover crop mixes as well as other ideas they hope to implement in future years.

The Green family prides themselves on running a low stress operation, starting with cattle handling and extending to their everyday activities. They believe working in a low stress environment transfers to all aspects of their life and keeps the job of farmer and rancher fun. They also strongly believe in being involved in the community that supports them. Currently, Ryan serves on the CHS- Big Sky board, Fergus County Livestock Association board and the local church board. Megan has recently become involved in the Central Montana Cattlewomen.

Megan and Ryan see the biggest threat to our current agriculture ecosystem as the public’s perception of this profession. As the distance between purchaser and farmer grows with each passing generation, regaining the trust of consumers through truth and accurate information is the best bet at combating all the misinformation. Adding more agriculture to school’s curriculum will keep the next generation better connected to agriculture and the food they eat.