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What Is A “GMO?”

By: Emily Standley, Fergus County Ag Extension Agent

In recent years, the term “GMO” has become commonplace, from the grocery store to social media. But what exactly do those three letters mean? In the simplest terms, GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. Of course, knowing the full name still doesn’t provide much insight into what GMOs are – how they’re defined, what they’re used for, and what makes them different, or similar, to other organisms. So let’s dig a little deeper.

Pulse Crops: What Are They and Why Are Farmers Growing Them?

Emily Standley, Fergus County Ag Extension Agent

You may have heard the term “pulse crop” floating around recently. This phrase has become somewhat of an agricultural buzzword, because while some farmers have been growing pulses for quite a while, over the last few years, they’ve quickly gained popularity in our part of the world. So what is a pulse crop? And why do farmers choose to grow them?