Volf Ranch

Located in the scenic foothills of the Snowy Mountains, the Volf Ranch raises Red Angus cattle, barley, spring & winter wheat and alfalfa. Purchased in 1955 by Chuck and Jo Volf, the picturesque ranch is currently operated by generation #2-Jeff & Chris, and #3-Evan and Brittany, with #4 -EJ, Miles & Dexter- quickly learning the ropes.

In addition to his positions on the Montana Grain Growers board and Fergus County Weed Board, Evan utilizes social media to tell the story of his family's agricultural lifestyle and Montana's agriculture economy. Telling this story is more than simply sharing photos.

The Volf family understands that consumer's want to know that their food is safe. Marketing campaigns on food products and food labeling capitalizes on buzzwords to sell products instead of giving honest backgrounds. Unfortunately this creates more confusion and mistrust for consumers. The Volf's believe in telling their farm family story before someone else does.

Along with keeping an open mind and having the ability to adapt to Montana's changing weather and volatile markets, they believe this transparency has allowed them to remain successful.

Similar to numerous farms and ranches in the Central Montana area, in order to deal with the economic downturn, the Volf Ranch has implemented some new practices. These include no-till farming, utilizing more re-crop and less fallow and diversifying their rotations with hay barley, peas and a forage wheat called willow creek.